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Je ne sais quoi.: clothing complaint


Why is that nowadays I have to buy tops that are made for Chesty LaRue? I don’t get it. I’m a 36B/34C. That’s not big. Is it back fat? ha. I just don’t understand why dresses keep fitting me fine at the bottom but are tight on top. Or why I have to purchase size 10 or 12 tops. Can someone explain…

I feel the same way! I am petite, but have to buy big shirts! The best place I’ve found for this problem is The Loft; there I do tend to buy medium shirts (I like my shirts long), but their sizes run larger in the regular sizes. I never buy petite shirts, because they are made for people who are small ALL over, which I am not. Seriously though: what’s the inbetweeen size between “itsy bitsy” and “plus size”?

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